forestry servicesForest Establishment
If you are thinking of planting, FRMS can meet you on site to discuss the different options available to you and outline the various grants and premium available. Should you decide to plant we can process the application and manage all work to year 4, at which time the forest will be fully established. Forest Resource Management Services endeavor to ensure that landowners maximise the potential of forestry on their lands through professional management services.
  • Site assessment & Species Selection
  • Submission of application for approval
  • Plantation establishment
  • Maintenance for 4 years

Native Woodland Scheme                                                                                       Approved Native Woodland Scheme Forester

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Native Woodland Establishment Scheme

Woodlands of Ireland website

Forest Management Plans
If you have a grant aided forest older than 10yrs and greater than 10ha for conifers and 5ha for broadleaves you are required to submit a management plan to the forest service. FRMS can inspect your forest and submit this management plan for you.

Forest Thinning and Roading 
If your forest is nearing thinning age FRMS can assess your plantation and plan for a thinning operation. FRMS can also take care of the complete operation for you, including inventory, roading, harvesting and sale of timber. The Forest Road Scheme provides a road grant rate of €55 per linear meter to a maximum of 25 meters per hectare.

Broadleaf management
FRMS also specialize in the management of broadleaf plantations. Pruning and thinning operations are critical in ensuring the development of a quality hardwood crop. A broadleaf thinning grant is available from the Forest Service at a rate of €750 per hectare.

Continuous Cover Forestry CCF

Will assist landowner in transforming clearfell crop into CCF continuous cover rotation, Grants are also available for this project Woodland Improvement Scheme–Continuous Cover Forestry

Forest Contracting Services
To complement the management services FRMS also offer a complete contracting service. This service includes:

  • Planting
  • Spraying
  • Fertilizing
  • Shaping/Pruning
  • Timber measurement and Inventory
  • Mapping
  • Inspection paths
  • Tree felling

Tree Surgery
Provide arboricultural services including dangerous tree removal, reductions and tree reports